Edward Robirds - Creative Director, Threshold Technologies

"During our period of working together, Adam was always actively seeking to expand his knowledge and using his library of skills to overcome problems and/or issues that would arise. He is very creative, was always on time and hard-working. Adam was definitely one of the individuals in the office you could count on.

Adam has the rare qualities that combine an eye for design and aesthetics, the skills to create a visual representation of ideas, the understanding of growing technology, and the ability to combine it all into something new...all under his own steam. Don't hire Adam to do "grunt" work. Put him in a spot where you can leverage his design talents and communication skills, and watch at just how much of an impact he will bring to your company and to those working with him."

- Ed Robirds
Creative Director, Threshold Technologies
Eric Woolf - Audience Development, New Track Media

"I have always been impressed with Adam's work since the 1st day I've worked with him. His understanding of creating and combining attractive designs with many different technologies always seemed to exceed the expectations of customers from the mom & pop businesses to the Fortune 500 Companies.

In my personal opinion, I have always thought of him as one of the best designers in our area. His knowledge on a wide range of areas also made it easy to effectively communicate with him and he always understood the needs of other departments from the search engine optimization to the programming team."

- Eric Woolf
Audience Development Coordinator, New Track Media