I recently found out I was selected as a nominee for the 2012 Pixel Awards and while we wait for the judges to make their selections, you can make your vote count for the peoples champ award.
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Often times when a company is searching to reposition itself in the market they will engage in a brand refresh. This is always a big risk and sometimes a massive failure (remember the new Gap logo?), but if done effectively can be a great success for the company. Fast food giants Arby's & Wendy's have both recently announced new logos in an effort to refresh their brands and I believe that one has succeeded and the other has failed miserably.
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I can't tell you how many times in design or development that I've been told to not implement something because the client didn't ask for it, and my response has always been “But the client doesn't even know what to ask for!” If you're actively engaged in or preparing to start a new project with a company here's a few tips to help you pick the right agency and get the most creativity for your money.
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