So you bought a new iMac and all is wonderful in the world. You're photoshopping, after effecting and surfing cat videos like nobody's business. But a few hours in and suddenly you feel like you're in the front row of a movie theater and you realize that the stand that apple designed is NON-ADJUSTABLE. I've come up with a simple solution that not only looks great, but brings your new iMac down to a usable height, and it will cost you less than 10 bucks.
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I can't tell you how many times in design or development that I've been told to not implement something because the client didn't ask for it, and my response has always been “But the client doesn't even know what to ask for!” If you're actively engaged in or preparing to start a new project with a company here's a few tips to help you pick the right agency and get the most creativity for your money.
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